Galaxy Grow Amp 600 Watt Ballast

The Galaxy Grow Amp 600 Watt ballast can operate a 600 watt lamp at 400 watts & Turbo Charge a 600 watt lamp. These ballasts will properly drive 400 Watt HPS/MH, & 600 watt HPS lamps or properly drive 400 Watt HPS/MH, 600 watt HPS & 1000 watt HPS/MH lamps. Set the desired wattage on the Select-A-Watt dial & install the correct lamp. Galaxy Grow Amp ballasts come pre-wired with a Sun System lamp cord receptacle. They are compatible with all Sun System branded reflectors. Includes a 6 foot 120 volt power cord. Purchase a 240 volt power cord separately. Specifications: extremely efficient - 99.9%; soft starting, extruded aluminum housing, fan cooled for superior thermal management, lightweight, very quiet and limited vibration, voltage: 120 or 240.

  • Item #: 902215
  • Manufacturer: Galaxy Electronic Ballasts

Galaxy Grow Amp 600W Ballast

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