Nanolux 1000W Dimmable Flip Ballast

The Nanolux Flip ballast utilizes the latest "Nano-Alter" digital technology allowing the operation of two reflectors/lamps with one ballast!

• The first electronic ballast on the market with a built in flip relay to drive dual bulbs, eliminating the need for a separate flip relay and making your garden safer and more affordable.
• Strike both Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
• Comprehensive short-circuit/circuit overheat/lamp failure protection
• Can be used as a single (no flip) ballast or used with dual lamps (not simultaneously), in flip mode. Lamp outputs are controlled with the use of an external timer.
• The Flip ballast allows the user to safely switch one ballast to run two lights, expanding your growing area without an additional ballast equipment cost.
• The first electronic ballast that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights - one at a time - by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval.

Contains exclusive Nano Technology.

Rated Wattage: 1000
Warranty: 2 Year
Ballast Type: Electronic
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Voltage: 120/240
Convertible: Yes
Bulb(s) Included?: No
Rated Amperage: 8.6/4.3


  • Item #: FLIP-1000W
  • Manufacturer: Nanolux

Nanolux 1000W Dimmable Flip Ballast

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